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Adams Sentenced to State Prison for Drugs and Firearm

May 03, 2024 Press Releases

On April 30th James N. Adams (7/15/1962) pleaded guilty in Berkshire Superior Court to six charges. Adams was sentenced by the Honorable Judge Agostini.

101 Trafficking In Cocaine C94c §32e(B)(1) 2 – 4 years state prison
102 Possession Of Heroin With Intent To Distribute C94c § 32(A) 1 day House Of Corrections, concurrent with count # 1
103 Possession Of A Firearm Without Fid C269 §10(H)(1) 2 years House Of Corrections, concurrent with count # 1
104 Possession Of Firearm W/ Defaced Serial Number C269 § 11c 2 years House Of Corrections, concurrent with count # 1
105 Possession Of Ammunition Without A Firearm Identification Card C269 §10(H)(1) 2 years House Of Corrections, concurrent with count # 1
106 Drug Violation Within A Drug Free School Zone C94c §32j 2 years House Of Corrections, from and after count # 2; concurrent with count # 1

On October 27, 2022, Pittsfield Police executed a search warrant at 45 Cherry Street, Pittsfield. Based on previous surveillance, the residence had been identified as a location where drugs were regularly distributed. Upon entering the residence, law enforcement located James Adams along with four other individuals. When police searched Adams’ person they located three bundles of heroin, a bag of crack cocaine, a bag of heroin packets, and $349. In the residence law enforcement recovered a Ruger handgun and 96 rounds of .22 ammunition.

Assistant District Attorney Joseph Yorlano represented the Commonwealth. The Pittsfield Police Department’s Anti-Crime Unit served as the lead law enforcement agency.


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