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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence describes relationships between partners which involve physical, sexual, financial, and emotional abuse by one partner against the other to control the abused partner.  It can be very difficult and dangerous for people in a domestic violence relationship to leave their abuser.  People in a domestic violence relationship worry that children, pets, and other loved ones may also be the target of abuse; still others do not have the money and resources to safely leave.  Under the Domestic Abuse Law, people in abusive relationships can go to court and get restraining orders against their abuser which can order the abuser to stay away from, have no contact with, refrain from abuse, and leave the home of the person who is being abused.  There are resources available to people suffering from domestic abuse which victim advocates assigned to court can help access.  Prosecutors and advocates are specially trained in handling cases involving domestic violence and the office maintains a High-Risk Offender List to target those offenders who pose the greatest risk of re-offense to support victim and public safety.

High Risk Team

The Domestic Violence High Risk Team works across disciplines to identify and intervene with offenders at high risk of domestic violence and lethality. The team is made up of partner organizations which include law enforcement agencies, the courts, the Sherriff’s Office and the Elizabeth Freeman Center.

The team meets on a monthly basis. They use evidence-based risk assessments to identify and intervene with offenders who are deemed at a heightened risk of lethality regarding intimate partner violence.

The District Attorney’s Office leads the High Risk team in its work to keep victims of domestic violence safe.

Helpful Resources