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The District Attorney’s Office of Berkshire County works to provide a safer community through proactive community involvement and education while also prosecuting habitual and violent criminal offenders.


The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office is unequivocally committed to:

  • Delivering equal justice for all residents of Berkshire County regardless of national origin, race, color, religion, disability, sex, gender identify, sexual orientation and familial status.
  • Involving the community through proactive programs that educate citizens and help individuals avoid criminal involvement including statutory diversion programs like drugs, mental health, and veterans programs.
  • Prosecuting those that harm our community including career criminals, gang members, individuals possessing illegal firearms, drug traffickers, and perpetrators of domestic violence.
  • Fighting for justice on behalf of those victimized by sex crimes, domestic violence, exploitation, and child abuse.
  • Partnering with law enforcement, social services, and the public to promote aggressive crime-prevention strategies.
  • Advocating for local businesses that have been victims of theft and larceny.