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Alleged Drug Dealer Apprehended and Charged in Great Barrington, MA

Jan 26, 2024 Press Releases

On Thursday, January 25th, the Great Barrington Police Department and the Berkshire County Drug Task Force executed a search warrant for 47 Grove Street in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, and Jonah Christianson. Upon execution, law enforcement recovered approximately 146 grams of cocaine that was located within the residence and approximately $1,868.

The combined worth of the street value of the drugs and cash and credit recovered from the residence totals $16,618.

All subjects involved in the execution of the investigation were detained in the Great Barrington Police Department.

This morning, Jonah Christianson was held on $50,000 bail. Additionally, his bail was revoked on two pending charges in the Southern Berkshire District Court. He was arraigned on the current charges below on Friday, January 26th in Central District Court :

  • Trafficking Cocaine (100-200 Grams)
  • Distribution a Class B Substance

Kostantin Benson was charged with:

  • Possession of a Class B Substance (Cocaine)


Following a joint investigation conducted by the Great Barrington Police Department and the Berkshire County Drug Task Force, law enforcement identified Christianson as a suspected cocaine dealer operating out of 47 Grove Street, Great Barrington residence.

At approximately 4:29pm, January 25th, officers observed an individual later identified as Kostantin Benson (146 West Center Road, West Stockbridge, MA: DOB: 10/13/2002) walking up the driveway of 47 Grove Street. A moment later, Christianson came out of the residence and briefly met with Benson at the back door. Benson then walked back down the driveway and away from the house.

Shortly after leaving, Sergeant Adam Carlotto and Sergeant Timothy Ullrich detained Benson on Bentley Avenue, Great Barrington. When detained Benson had a bag containing a small amount of white powdery substance hanging out the side of his pocket.  Upon a search, a larger amount of white powdery substance was located in one of BENSON’s pants pockets. Benson was brought into custody and transported to the Great Barrington Police Department.

At approximately 4:37pm Great Barrington Police and Task Force members knocked on 47 Grove Street to execute the search warrant. Christianson met law enforcement at the door and was presented with the warrant.

Great Barington Police and Law Enforcement recovered the items below:

  • Plastic bag containing white powdery substance on the corner of the couch (field tested positive for presence of cocaine) in black bag, with an approximate street value of $14,600
  • $1843 cash
  • $150 Pre-paid debit card belonging to another individual
  • A black cellphone
  • Black digital scale with residue on the corner of the couch in black bag
  • Box of sandwich bags on the coffee table
  • Wallet with miscellaneous cards (containing Christianson’s photo ID), $25 cash located on the coffee table
  • Bank statement from Lee Bank (belonging to Christianson) located on the side table next to the couch
  • Plastic bag of white powdery substance located on a wire rack in the upstairs southwest bedroom
  • A dealer blowout – floor next to dresser

*The digital scale and narcotics will be sent to the State Lab for official analysis and weight*

Christianson was subsequently placed under arrest and transported to the Great Barrington Police Department.

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