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Assistant District Attorney – District Court

Berkshire District Attorney’s Office

Assistant District Attorney- District Court

The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office is seeking to hire a full-time attorney who will join us as an Assistant District Attorney. Attorneys from diverse personal and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply.


The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office serves all 32 cities and towns in Berkshire County and is responsible for all-criminal prosecutions in Berkshire County.  The Office handles cases in the County’s District Courts (including Jury sessions), Juvenile Courts, and Superior Court, and is responsible for all appeals to the State Appeals Court and Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court.   In addition, the Office provides critical services and programs to victims and their families and to the community at large. The Office is a Commonwealth agency, established in accordance with Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 12, Sections 12 and 13.


Assistant District Attorney – Berkshire District Attorney’s Office

  • Prosecute all aspects of criminal cases (and some civil matters as provided by statute) in primary and jury sessions of the three divisions of District Court and the Juvenile Court in Berkshire County;
  • Review police reports and charging decisions made by police agencies and make appropriate recommendations and changes as needed;
  • Handle arraignments in court, make bail requests, motions for conditions of release, motions for detention such as dangerousness hearings and bail revocation hearings as appropriate;
  • Provide mandatory discovery to defendants/defense counsel;
  • Handle all pre-trial motions filed by defense counsel including requests for further discovery, evidentiary and non-evidentiary motions to suppress, dismiss, etc. and to prepare written memoranda and briefs where appropriate;
  • Review case files, applicable statutes and case law, victim information and input, and determine an appropriate recommendation for case resolution;
  • Conference all matters and make recommendations for case resolution at mandatory case conference sessions with defense counsel;
  • Handle any mental health commitment matters which impact criminal cases;
  • Handle case resolution by way of plea, trial, or dismissal where appropriate;
  • Follow the mandates of the Victim’s Bill of Rights;
  • Handle cases in both the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Supreme Judicial Court as assigned by the Appellate Division in conjunction with District Court Chief;
  • Handle cases in the Berkshire Superior Court and grand jury session as assigned by First Assistant in conjunction with the Chief of District Court


  • Law school graduates (Juris Doctorate Degree) with preference for Massachusetts Bar members (current or pending), and applicants with SJC Rule 3:03 certification.
  • To be proficiency with Microsoft Office products (Word, Outlook) and database access
  • To be familiar with and to follow the provisions of the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office Personnel Policies;
    Assistant District Attorneys must be familiar with and adhere to the Massachusetts Rules of Professional Conduct;
  • To participate in trainings relevant to Office functions;
    To interact in a respectful & professional manner with the public, judicial and law enforcement personnel and office staff;
    To complete work assignments in a timely, accurate & efficient manner
  • Communicate effectively with a diverse population and interact in a respectful and professional manner with the public, judicial and law enforcement personnel and office staff.
  • Demonstrate a genuine commitment to justice and the betterment of the community.
  • All job offers contingent upon successful completion of background check
  • Must relocate to Berkshire County upon final acceptance of position
  • Preference is given to bilingual candidates.

All full time positions offer a State benefit package that includes medical/dental/vision insurance, life and disability insurance, retirement plans, and paid vacation, personal and sick leave and paid parental leave. Payroll is paid bi-weekly and based on a 37.5 hour work week (normally 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.).  All job offers are contingent upon successful completion of background check.  Must relocate to Berkshire County upon acceptance of position.  All positions serve at the pleasure of the District Attorney.

Berkshire District Attorney’s Office is an EEO Employer with a firm commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion in hiring practices.

Please send cover letter and resume to