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The sudden and unimaginable loss of a loved one to a homicide or motor vehicle homicide can be unbearable. The grieving process for families and friends is often compounded with feelings of trauma, loss of control, and a changed view of the world. These intense emotional reactions are often complicated by what can be a daunting and confusing criminal justice process.

We are committed to meeting families of homicide victims with compassion and empathy ¾ wherever they may be in the grieving process ¾ and as soon after the crime as possible. For families, friends, and witnesses to the crime, no journey is identical.

Navigating the court process can be difficult and we recognize the importance of keeping the lines of communication open while pursuing a conviction. Our highly experienced prosecutors seek justice for your loved one/s with integrity and intention. Although justice is generally not a speedy process, the ultimate goal is a conviction that will survive any legal challenge.

Our advocates work to keep families informed and ensure that their rights as victims are respected. Their voices will be heard in a meaningful way, such as through victim impact statements.

Whether the loss of a loved one occurred recently or in years past, we are always here for you.

Helpful Resources