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Individual arrested of Drug Distribution and Gun Charges

Jan 31, 2024 Press Releases

On Monday, January 29th, Charles Crosby (Unknown Address, 08/01/1987) was arraigned in Berkshire District Court on the following charges:

  • Trafficking of 18 grams less than 36 grams of Heroin / Morphine / Opium
  • Drug Possession with Intent to Distribute Class B Substance
  • Drug Possession of a Class B Substance
  • Drug Possession to Distribute a Class E Substance
  • Possession of Firearm During a Felony
  • Possession of Ammunition Without an FID card
  • Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm
  • Possession of a Large Capacity Firearm without a license
  • Assault and Battery on a Police officer
  • Assault and Battery with attempt to Disarm a Police Officer
  • Resisting arrest
  • Distribution a Class B Substance

Mr. Crosby is being held pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled to take place on February 5th in Central Berkshire District Court. Additionally, the Commonwealth has moved to revoke bail on a Hampden Superior Court Case stemming from an incident in September, 2020. The incident also involved possession of illegal firearms and large quantities of heroin and cocaine.

On Friday, January 26th, 2024, Pittsfield Police discovered an individual, later identified as Charles Crosby, lying in the road on Bradford Street in Pittsfield. EMS were dispatched to the scene.

Upon approaching Crosby, law enforcement observed an open backpack near his person.  A baggie of white, rectangular pills were seen in the backpack in plain sight. When law enforcement approached, Crosby rose to his feet and grabbed the shirt of one of the responding officers. A struggled ensued and a second officer ran to the scene, simultaneously calling dispatch to request back up. As the second officer approached, he observed a tan semi-automatic handgun tucked into the rear waistband of Crosby’s pants. The second officer was able to secure the firearm while the struggle between law enforcement and Crosby continued.

Law enforcement announced that if Crosby did not comply with police a taser would be use. Crosby continued to struggle. At this time one of the officers tased Crosby in the back initiating a five second drive stun. Crosby then taken into law enforcement custody and transferred to Berkshire Medical Center for an assessment. Following the assessment, Crosby was transported to the Pittsfield Police Station.

Law enforcement recovered the following items:

  • Approximately 173 bundles (total weight approximately 34.6 grams) of heroin valued at approximately $6920 – $10,380
  • $1,531 Cash
  • Two cellphones
  • Unregistered Glock 23 Semi-automatic handgun loaded with 15 rounds of ammunition
  • Magazine with 10 round capacity
  • Ammunition loader
  • 26 rounds of .40 caliber
  • One bag containing 146 Adderall pills with a street value of approximately $4,380.
  • One bag containing white pills suspected as Xanax (approximate total weight of 393 grams)
  • One bag containing yellow pills suspected as Xanax (approximate total weight of 514 grams)
  • Small amount of crack cocaine and a crack pipe

Pittsfield Police and the Berkshire County Drug Task force are the lead law enforcement in the case.

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