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Public Records Requests

The Berkshire District Attorney’s Office is dedicated to releasing public records as delineated by Massachusetts statute in as timely a manner as possible. It recognizes that public record requests are not only helpful and oftentimes necessary, they’re also an essential safeguard of government transparency and accountability.

Every government record in Massachusetts is presumed to be public, although certain records or portions thereof are exempt from disclosure under the Public Records Law, and those records will be withheld. Other records may be produced in redacted form. Please note that you may be assessed a fee for costs associated with the production of public records.

To make a request for public records, please either contact the Records Access Officer by email – – or submit the form below. Deputy District Attorney Richard M. Dohoney is Records Access Officer for the Berkshire District Attorney’s Office.

Please be as specific as possible when describing the records you seek. The more specific you are, the more efficiently we can respond to your request. For more information about guidelines, please visit our About Public Records Requests page.


Helpful Resources