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Stanton Pleaded Guilty on Three Counts

Feb 24, 2023 Press Releases

On Thursday February 23rd Jeremy Stanton (168 Elm Street Pittsfield, 11/23/1985) pleaded guilty to two counts of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon and one count of Threat to Commit a Crime. The charges stem from two incidents that occurred on June 8, 2022. The defendant made a phone call to Berkshire Nautilus, where the first victim, Steven Krupa, was exercising. Stanton told one of the Nautilus employees that Krupa’s girlfriend was in danger and Krupa had to come help her right away. Krupa then raced outside only to encounter Stanton, who pulled what appeared to be a firearm and pointed it at Krupa. Krupa was able to flee back into Nautilus. Stanton then turned the gun on Matt Belanger, a Nautilus employee, who was watching from a nearby window. On the same day, Stanton both phoned and texted Jim McRory and threatened him with violence as well. During the plea, Stanton stated that he was threatening the victims to scare them.

Honorable Judge Agostini sentenced Mr. Stanton. The Commonwealth recommended 2 years to the HOC on the first two charges, with a concurrent 6 months on the third. Defense requested 2 years with 11 months direct, balance suspended for two years with a condition that he attend and complete the Keenan House North program. During the sentencing, Judge Agostini expressed concerns over the defendant’s mental health and substance abuse/self-medication. For the first Assault with Dangerous Weapon Mr. Stanton was charged to two years in the State House of Corrections, with one year to serve, the balance suspended for three years. Upon his release, Mr. Stanton is required to attend and complete the Keenan House North program. Once successfully completing the Keenan House North program, the defendant is sentenced to three years straight probation on the second count of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon. Count three is wrapped in with the time on Count 1.

The District Attorney thanks the victims for their cooperation during the investigation and prosecution. Assistant District Attorney Andrew Giarolo represented the Commonwealth.

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